Custom-made” as a new status symbol but also as an escape from standardization and “fast-fashion”. Here are the top places in Rome where a man can order custom-made garments and accessories. We are talking not only about craftsmanship but rather to superlative Italian artisan quality.

The "forever" gentleman

The “forever” gentleman

According to the designer Silvia Venturini Fendi there is a sentimental value in a custom made product. “It’s a personal rapport between the creator and the wearer – she said-. A sort of feeling that is transmitted by the manufacturer to the consumer. A relationship of esteem, trust and complicity that often turns into a good friendship. The result of a shared journey”. Wearing bespoke clothing or personalizing one’s own garments takes us back to times gone by. It means rediscovering the taste of choice and personal expression, the waiting times and the marvels. A suit is, first and foremost, a language. Aside from fashion, it represents a way of being.

If you think you deserve a piece-of-Italian-art, these are the shops in the heart of Rome you can’t miss to stopping by according to “Rome, a tailor-made guidebook” (Palombi Editore – Altaroma)

Gateano AloisioA snip of the scissors

A bespoke suit by Gaetano Aloisio, Calabrian by birth and Roman by adoption, can take up to 70 hours to make. A formal style, never eccentric, boasting cuts that, thourgh supremely elegant and sober, are nevertheless always extremely comfortable.

Antichi Telai 1894Quality certification

The company is run by the Piterantonio brothers. Antichi Telai still remains one of the few houses that make garments in guanashina, the finest, warmest and lightest of materials obtained from a mix of three fibres: baby cashmere, pashmina and guanaco. A sort of dat sheet informs the customer about fabric type and origin, the time it took to make it as well as providing certification that the product was hand made.

Tommy & Giulio CaraceniHeirs of a unique style

A highly personalized style, the result of a mixture between the rigid Anglo-Saxon technique and the complex tradition of the Abbruzzo cut, the latter an offshoot of the Neapolitan school.

Sartoria Luigi GalloMasterpieces of sartorial style

A visit to the workshop, graced by the presence of illustrious gentlemen of the calibre of Ungaretti, Barnard and Andreotti, is almost a mystical experience enjoyed by a select clientele who appreciate everything that is beautiful and well made. Luigi Gallo is one of the few reaming tailors who also make custom tailored raincoats.

Sartoria Giovanni CelentanoA “politically correct” style

An authentic, austere style of British inspiration interpreted, however, according to the canons of the Neapolitan school. His suitcoats, while contouring the body, exude comfort and are characterized by dropped shoulders devoid of padding.

Words by Michela Di Carlo

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