What about your image on the web? Are you sure people are looking at your profile under the right spotlight? Our new guest-blogger, Serena Mariani, will help us to take care of our “look” on the Social Media world. Let’s follow her tips!

Words by Serena Mariani

If you follow this blog, chances are you are a well-groomed, stylish girl who has pretty much nailed your image and how to dress and behave the chic way. But what about your online image? In the end, that is what your friends, frenemies, and acquaintances and potentially a lot of strangers (not to mention potential dates and employers and your mother-in-law) are going to see. It’s as easy as googling you.

So here are few tips on how to avoid a fashion faux pas on the net from your Fairy –Godmother- turned-social-media guru Serena. No, we are not going to talk about what to wear to take your selfies on Instagram (ok, maybe we are) but how to make sure your online self reflects your personality but at the same time it “bella figura“- proof!

We start today with the first three social media rules to look impeccable at work (i.e., on LinkedIn).

You DO need a LinkedIn profile –even if you do not have an office job.

Professional social network LinkedIn counts over 250 million users worldwide and it is not just for white-collars; connecting is no less important for a freelance make-up artist than for an agency account wanting to keep track of all those precious client relationships. Even if you do not plan to use LinkedIn actively, I suggest you do create at least a basic profile as it will most likely come on top of your Google results (ahead of those pesky Facebook pics).

DO have a professional LinkedIn picture

It does not necessarily mean “professionally taken”, but it should definitely represent you as a professional as well as a person. Avoid the woe of the boring corporate headshot on cloudy grey background; but also avoid flashing cleavages, hazy “I had one too many drinks” stares, significant others, pets and kids.

Do use a reasonably recent image too. Remember, a picture which doesn’t look like you anymore can flatter your vanity but won’t necessarily score you points- the workplace is (almost) the only place where you can be proud of your wrinkles a’ la Anna Magnani, so nothing wrong in looking a bit more “senior” here!

Work your LinkedIn style

When it comes to creating your bio on LinkedIn, you can choose whether to go for a formal, resume-like style or choose a quirkier approach if you feel that showcasing creativity will add value. Avoid clichés, “girliness” and gobbledygook (cue: “bubbly“, “loving“, “visionary“, “guru“, “ninja“, “evangelist“).


In any case, do check for spelling mistakes and inaccuracies in your LinkedIn profile. It is for all purposes a public version of your CV so it deserves the same care; if you are unsure about how to craft it, seek help from a friend who has a way with words or just stick to the basics- companies and roles. “Less is more” is still the way to chic, even on social media!

In the next post, more LinkedIn tips and how to look smart and chic on Facebook

Do you have questions or comments? Agree/disagree with my tips? Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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