The oscar winning actor on love, family and passion for Italy. A profile piece.

Words by Michela Di Carlo

Since playing the role of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary, he has been the boyfriend every woman would have dreamt of. A real gentleman but yet the nice good looking guy next door, the one in Italy we would called “bravo ragazzo”. Of course, the Oscar winning actor Colin Firth is much more than this and since he has embraced the italian way of life, getting married with Livia Giuggioli (a green enterpreneur), he seems to fit the role of the perfect family man too.

Colin Firth - Credits: Arthur Newman

Colin Firth – Credits: Arthur Newman

Once he said: “What strikes me about the Italians is their attachment to family and the sense of tradition. Livia’s family is beautiful and very close. From the family they derive a sense of inner security and stability that is not found in many other cultures. We English, on the other hand, are always wandering apart”.

Indeed, Colin seems to appreciate everything about his life in Italy: from the landscapes to the food. He currently divides his time between west London and Città della Pieve, where he and his wife have a country retreat surrounded by olive trees. That is a medieval town in the green region of Umbria. Not far from the romantic tiny church where they got married in 1997.

Here, Colin seems to have found a way to escape the hustle and bustle of London and his many fans. A place that looks like him: simple, calm and relaxing. A place where he can play with his kids (Will, whom he had with his first wife, the actress Meg Tilly; Luca and Matteo, which he had with Giuggioli) while making an aromatic extra-virgin olive oil, the one thing that can’t be missed on the table of his home in Chiswick.

“My wife and my family are my pride and joy and my life revolves around them – he said – I’ve been fortunate to have found some meaty roles as an actor but nothing compares to the love and care I found with Livia. I’m immensely lucky.” No doubt, it’s at home with his wife and children where he plays his greatest role.

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