According to common wisdom and old tradition, grappa has always been closely tied to somme foods like chocolate, coffee and dried fruits, as well as cigars. A matter of taste, of course, but it is worth highlighting some of the foods to pair with young or aged grappa.

Tasting grappa

Grappa tasting

Grappa & chocolate

A long standing love affair. Grappa is perfect to support the strong personality of the chocolate because its structure will provide balance and its alcoholic content will clear the palate, issuing a renewed invitation to sip grappa.

Grappa & coffee

They are solid partners. Have you ever heard about “caffè corretto”? It is an Italian beverage that consists of a shot of espresso with a shot of grappa. The high alcoholic content of the grappa is able to bring out the full flavour of the coffee.

Grappa & cigars

Holy smoke! After you select your cigar, be sure to choose the grappa that best go with it. A very bold combination is a Cohiba cigar matched with a powerful, smooth Italian grappa, like “Grappa 10th” Torbata Selezione Riserva by Centopercento (which means 100%). Elegant and complex, the sharp smell of smoke is accompanied by sweet notes of dried and ripe fruit. Taste is full and round, as the floral, spicy and fruity aromas blend on the palate, leaving a feeling of depth. Date, nut, carob, tobacco, vanilla and cinnamon aromas meet in this perfectly Italian distillate.

Grappa & dried fruit

A fine and pleasant match that enhances grappa flavours of honey and vanilla. Grappa fulfills its function by clearing the palate while simultaneously stimulating further tasting of dried fruit.

More about Grappa: In Italy, grappa is drunk as a digestivo, a drink that helps digestion after a meal. Grappa is made from vinaccia, what we call pomace, the skins, and the pulp of the fruit left over after the grapes have been pressed to make wine. The pomace is distilled in a double-boiler distillation system known as the bagno maria. Some producers age grappa in small wood barrels (barriques) for many years to give it a smoother taste along the lines of cognac.

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